End of Life Services


A Death Doula (also called end-of-life doula, or death midwife) is a trained non-medical professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support for someone nearing death. We can be considered a mentor for the final chapter of life, who accompanies and provides comfort for the dying person, has open conversations about hard feelings and helps normalise whatever arises and support clients to engage in ways that support meaning, purpose, joy and grief. 

I specialise in creative ways to help you tell the stories and highlight the memories that matter to you most: 

Legacy Projects, Memory-Making & Life Review – Life is a story, and photos and videos are a powerful way to hold onto memories. I am passionate about preserving photos, telling stories, and honouring your loved one. We can do this together using these technical services: Oral Histories; Memorial Websites; Audio and Video Interviews (in person or online); Photo Digitisation; Video Editing & Post-Production Services; Transcripts, Music and Narration. 

Created from photos, videos, and music, an Oral History or Memorial Video captures aspects of your family history. The funeral service and celebration of life can also be filmed for those who can't attend. Memorial Videos can be created after someone has died (compiled from photos and existing video), or before. Oftentimes, people feel that telling their own story is the powerful way to come to terms with their own death. 

End-of-Life Comfort Care – Emotional companionship to the person dying, as well as their close family and friends. During our time together we will navigate what is going on in the mind and body, as I advocate for your final wishes. This may include: Household support, Careteam organisation, Sitting vigil with music, storytelling, and creative writing, Reiki and breathwork, Death anxiety support, Respite care, and Caretaking. 

Grief Companionship & Compassionate Listening – Grief is unique to each individual. I hold space for grief in hopes of guiding you to a place of better understanding, healing, and ease. My support comes from a non-medical, spiritual place. The nurturing space I hold is intuitively centred around emotional and spiritual companionship and advocacy, to witness your words without judgment. I also offer creative outlets for grief, including free writing, collage, drawing and painting.